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What candidates are saying

Saira Anees, SaaS Account Executive, NuORDER

If you have the chance to work with CloserIQ, know that you're in the best hands possible. I felt they genuinely had my best interests at heart. They truly care about what I was specifically looking for and what I was really passionate about. I've never met anyone else in their industry that was such a pleasure to work with. I'd recommend CloserIQ to anyone in a heartbeat, the recruiting world needs more of them!

Saira Anees
SaaS Account Executive, NuORDER

Brent Dougherty, Senior Sales Manager, Justworks

I was very impressed with the domain expertise of the talent advisory team at CloserIQ. They were very knowledgable about market trends, career paths and company intel. For someone who had not been on an interview for 6 years, it was amazing to get their support in the entire process from interview preparation to offer evaluation. I would highly recommend them to both sales leaders and companies looking to make key, strategic hires.

Brent Dougherty
Senior Sales Manager, Justworks

Paul Noonan, Strategic Account Manager at Integrate Inc.

What I liked most about working with CloserIQ was their careful balance of persistence, keeping in touch, and being respectful of how and when I wanted to be contacted. They constantly brought new opportunities to the table without crossing the line of being pushy, overly aggressive, or making me feel as if i was being hounded. I understand how easy it is for a recruiter to turn a job seeker from a person into a “lead” but CloserIQ did an excellent job of maintaining professionalism and respecting the process.

Paul Noonan
Strategic Account Manager at Integrate Inc.

Neil Kumar, Director of Sales, Fluent City

It took less than 2 months for CloserIQ to place me in a Head of Sales role, catapulting my career to the next level. The team listened to my objectives and I only saw positions that fit me. But what really sets CloserIQ apart from transactional firms is how they continue to support your career after you’re hired. Their help and support has only increased since my start date as they continue introducing me to thought leaders and potential partners. I proudly refer my colleagues into their network.

Neil Kumar
Director of Sales, Fluent City

What employers are saying

Elizabeth Hall, VP of People at Trello

CloserIQ has quickly become our go-to resource for top-quality, highly-skilled, experienced sales candidates that match our needs. Thank you.

Liz Hall
VP of People, Trello

Robert Lopez, VP of Sales at Justworks

CloserIQ has streamlined the recruiting process for us. It enables us to focus on the strong candidates and not waste time on those who aren't serious. I would highly recommend it.

Robert Lopez
VP of Sales, Justworks

Bobby Guelich, Head of Sales, Oscar Insurance

CloserIQ has been a true partner to us. We had lofty hiring goals and the team at CloserIQ was critical in helping us meet them. From identifying the best ways to source talent to significantly reducing the time to screen applicants, they helped us streamline our hiring process while maintaining a high bar for candidate quality.

Bobby Guelich
Head of Sales, Oscar Insurance

Javier Rosas, VP of Sales at Salemove

I've worked with several recruiting agencies and platforms in the past few years and CloserIQ has consistently introduced me to the best talent available. Their focus on tech sales talent has helped me build my team very quickly. I've hired SDR's, AE's, AM's and Sales Ops from CloserIQ and have been very happy with the results.

Javier Rosas
VP of Sales, Salemove

Bryan Talebi, VP of Sales, Bizzabo

Fantastic experience! High quality of talent and the personal intros made it easy to assess which candidates are comfortable pitching over the phone. CloserIQ quickly built a candidate pipeline for us that was qualified and relevant to our search. The combination of their intuitive software and attentive service has given my team tremendous amount of leverage in recruiting sales talent.

Bryan Talebi
VP of Sales, Bizzabo

James Rohrbach, CEO, Fluent City

CloserIQ has been a great partner for us as we have grown Fluent City. They are in this for the long-haul, and as a result are very focused on being good partners over time, not just checking the box on your current search. The result is that you never feel pressured to "just pick a candidate," and you trust them as real thought partners. These guys have the right vision to build something great in this space - very high service levels, strong customer alignment, patience, and building strong pipelines and processes. Highly recommend.

James Rohrbach
CEO, Fluent City

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