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Sales Enablement Manager

Greater New York City Area Full Time

Welcome to the future of learning! Here, experts publish new courses every day, employees are engaged, and learning is the new normal. Human interactions are the essential driver of engagement in today’s ever-connected world. That’s why in order to generate unparalleled engagement rates, we made human interactions the foundation of our Learning Engagement Platform. You, too, can put an end to the frustration felt between Business units and Learning & Development teams. Through exponential engagement, courses from 360Learning never fail to accomplish the business objective: we are faster, simpler, more engaging. To make large deployments even easier, 360Learning seamlessly integrates with the leading LMS tools, from day 1. We now serve 1200 clients with 1.5 million end users across 120 countries. From our offices in Paris and headquarters in New York we make learning great again.

Job Description

As Sales Enablement Manager, you will integrate 360Learning’s North American team and become a key player to enable our hypergrowth in North America. Your role will be to enable the US sales team (Inside Sales, Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives, Account Managers) to reach their objectives and to improve sales productivity.


You will be in charge of: - Identifying best practices and Bottlenecks in the Sales Funnel - Creating content for sales (ex: use cases, sales decks, sales proposals) - Continuously improving the sales onboarding - Defining and implementing a new continuous coaching and training process for each sales role - Directly training and evaluating the US sales team - Participating to create sales coach onboarding - Benchmarking B2B SaaS best practices in Sales to continuously improve our sales tools, processes and methodologies - Ensuring scalability of all our training and coaching tools - Controlling and reporting sales performance; ensuring forecasting predictability for each role

Your key objectives: - Scale the US sales team from 8 in 2018 to 17 in 2019 - Ensure more than 90% sales reps hit their quotas - Increase new booking in North America by 500% (YoY 2019 vs. 2018) - Maintain sales churn rate below 20% - Reduce the average sales cycle by 50%