About Akiban Technologies

Company Website: http://www.akiban.com

Akiban is building a new relational database powered our unique table-grouping technology. By allowing the application's data model to be brought to the database, Akiban Server eliminates the impedance mismatch found in traditional relational systems. Model, store, and retrieve your data in the way that best fits your application. Akiban Server An open source database for operational systems. It unifies the speed, scalability and agility of document stores with the ACID guarantees and rich SQL of a RDMS. Based on Akiban's table-grouping architecture, SQL queries can perform 10-100x faster than their in-memory equivalent. Akiban Persistit An open source, fast, transactional Java B+Tree library. Built as the storage layer to Akiban Server, Persistit provides highly optimized key-value operations with full ACID semantics. Akiban SQL Parser An open source, production quality parser for SQL. Built as a modular code base that includes support for both standard SQL and Akiban extensions, like nested queries to better match how applications need to query their data.

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