About American Prison Data Systems

Company Website: http://apdscorporate.com

APDS has developed a proprietary technology for securely delivering content and services to inmates in US jails and prisons that makes US incarceration cheaper, safer, and more effective. Currently, the content and services focus on educational and rehabilitative programming sold to correctional facilities as software-as-a-service. APDS will also start selling services such as telecommunications, financial services, and retail, to the friends and family of the incarcerated. The APDS service helps correctional administrators and correctional educators bring cutting edge educational and rehabilitative programming to inmates. Immediately, it leads to a reduction in violence. Over time it leads to a reduction in recidivism. The institutional customer here varies by facility. In some instances, it is the correctional administrator, while in others it is the educational administration. The consumer customer includes the inmate's friends and family.

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