About Apozy

Company Website: https://www.apozy.com

Apozy is a platform to stop damage from phishing, malware, and web-attacks in the browser. The Apozy Trusted Browsing extension browser extension immunizes you against phishing and malware attacks. We provide a drop-in way for you to make every interaction safe and trust what users do. The Apozy Workforce Security solution of our Trusted Browsing platform utilizes simulations of real-world attack scenarios(phishing, password attacks, physical security, social engineering, etc.) to find the Security Ability "FICO-score" of every person. This information is translated back to you, the admin, via dashboard. You can quickly and easily view your companies' biggest risks, your strongest and weakest users, and communicate real ROI over time with improvement metrics.

Current Openings

Apozy has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.