About Apptopia

Company Website: https://www.apptopia.com

Actionable data for the mobile world - we provide performance data on every mobile app and publisher in the world. These data are available via API and/or our intuitive web tool. We don't just give you data, we give you answers. Our affordable competitive intelligence tools are used by mobile publishers and developers, service providers, and investors on a daily basis to understand and monitor competitors, inform business strategies, and identify emerging consumer interests and trends. Apptopia is unique in its ability to also offer SDK recognition and analysis, category level analysis, and customizable industry reports. We also offer a full suite of user acquisition tools. Performance data (available for 50+ countries) includes downloads, DAU, MAU, Sessions, Ranks, User Retention, Cross App Usage, SDK Analysis, IAP Revenue, Advertising Revenue, Advertising Impressions and more.

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