About Arcadia Biosciences

Company Website: http://arcadiabio.com

Arcadia Biosciences is an agricultural technology company focused on developing products that benefit the environment and human health. The company uses advanced screening, breeding and biotechnology techniques (both GM and non-GM) to create value for consumers, processors and farmers. Arcadia’s agronomic performance traits, which include nitrogen use efficiency, water use efficiency, salt tolerance, heat tolerance, and herbicide tolerance, are all aimed at making agricultural production more economically efficient and environmentally sound. Arcadia’s nutrition products create healthier ingredients and whole foods. Arcadia has granted more than 70 technology licenses worldwide to major seed and consumer product companies. The company was named one of MIT Technology Review's 50 Smartest Companies (2014) and has been recognized by AlwaysON as one of the GoingGreen Silicon Valley Global 200 (2011 and 2012).

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