About Black Duck Software

Company Website: http://www.blackducksoftware.com

Black Duck by Synopsys provides automated solutions for securing and managing open source software. With the rapid, widespread adoption of open source software, Black Duck is a key component of Synopsys’ Software Integrity Platform, the most comprehensive solution for integrating security into the SDLC and software supply chain. Black Duck by Synopsys is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, and has offices in Burlington, MA, San Jose, CA, London, Belfast, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Vancouver and Beijing. For more information, visit www.blackducksoftware.com. Black Duck Software was acquired by Synopsys in December 2017. For more information on this, please visit https://news.synopsys.com/2017-12-11-Synopsys-Completes-Acquisition-of-Black-Duck-Software.

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