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Account Executive

Greater New York City Area Full Time

SaaS is the standard for software distribution today, but the explosion of SaaS has created a number of hurdles for businesses: - A lack of visibility into software usage, spending, licenses, and internal ownership, making coherent management impossible. - Duplicate apps, unused licenses, and orphaned subscriptions, leading to wasted spending. - Ad hoc, inefficient management processes. Are you still using a spreadsheet to keep track of your SaaS? It's not enough! - Shadow IT + unapproved applications create security and compliance risks. Blissfully is the solution. Our SaaS Management platform combines a complete system of record, plus workflows and IT automation for a continuously updated view of your software, users, licenses, spending, security status, and more, plus the org-wide tools and automation necessary to keep your organization...well...organized.

Job Description

Blissfully is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and backed by leading VCs. We are at the center of redefining modern IT and our product is already in use by leading companies. Now we're ready to grow the sales team to bring this vision to every company.

We need Account Executives that want to help companies succeed, and accomplish personal goals (like hitting your numbers) along the way.


How sales work at Blissfully:

IT is changing, so while we sell to IT directors/managers we also regularly interact with: finance, operations, dev ops/tech ops, office managers, cofounders, CEOs and CTOs. Our customers are businesses of all sizes and types, but tend to be tech forward companies.

We not only help others adopt SaaS, but we leverage the best (leading edge) apps in the business - including Hubspot, Slack, Salesmachine, and a bunch more.

There are multiple lead sources, and Blissfully is Freemium which means there are new customers signing up for our free product every day. Between demo requests, web leads, free sign-ups, and lead lists - you will stay busy engaging targeted customers.


To win, we need people who are possess the following:

  • Self-motivated. No one at Blissfully needs to be pushed.
  • You like engaging people and helping them solve problems.
  • Genuine curiosity.
  • Engaging.
  • Hungry to learn.
  • Flexible. It's a startup, so things will change while you're here.
  • Not afraid of tech.