About BlueOptima

Company Website: http://www.blueoptima.com

BlueOptima's analytics platform empowers software developers and their companies to create better software in the most time- and cost-efficient way. The first solution of its kind, BlueOptima provides insight based on the world’s only objective software developer productivity metrics: Actual Coding Effort. It’s a breakthrough for software development. A strong analogy for BlueOptima is X-Ray vision for developers. Developers have full visibility of their coding effort, past and present, and receive ongoing feedback on where, when, and how much coding effort they are delivering into their codebases. This keeps them on the right path and provides awareness of where their code is impacting colleagues, or being impacted by them. The same applies to the team leader and executives. BlueOptima provides them with a simple and powerful view of the Coding Effort delivered by their teams and projects'​ progress toward completion. This equips management teams with the objective, accurate insight to enable software development teams to deliver the best possible results.

Current Openings

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