About Bon'App

Company Website: http://www.bon-app.com

A nutritional information data analytics company, Bon’App is setting a new standard. Most businesses in food and healthcare need accurate data about food consumption, trends, and compliance to diets. Bon'App creates a powerful marketing platform, a great tool for targeted couponing for the food companies and deeper nutrition data analytics for the healthcare industry. Bon’App is the “Google of Food,” a platform that people can rely on to find out what is in their food. Bon’App makes nutritional information easy to access and easy to understand. One of its unique features is the voice activation function, which allows users to simply say a food or menu item and within seconds, see a list of branded items and local restaurants offering the item, as well as its calories, sugar, salt, and bad fat. By enhancing consumers’ nutrition knowledge, Bon’App helps users adhere to their dietary goals and eat healthier to prevent obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Bon’App tracks key nutrients with a powerful visual: a battery that depletes as you eat and changes color from green to yellow to red. Bon’App also has the capabilities to tailor appropriate options for users based on their medical conditions, allergies, food intolerances, and preferences. Bon’App is a disruptive solution that is already on the market on iTunes, Google Play, and the bon-app.com website. Since its launch last May, Bon’App has reached over 120,000 users who’ve performed over 2.7 million searches.

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