About BookingBug

Company Website: http://www.bookingbug.com

BookingBug is an enterprise Time-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform with appointment scheduling, queuing and event management capabilities used by some of the worlds largest banks, retailers and government agencies. It is the first company to offer a single, versatile platform that supports a range of time-driven customer and workforce needs to drive attraction, engagement and retention that results in profitable customer relationships.Brands use BookingBug to create secure, data-driven and integrated experiences for the entire customer lifecycle. From online to in-store, BookingBug bridges the gaps in the customer experience by helping organizations simplify scheduling, while maximizing staff and resource utilization. BookingBug is used by brands like U.S. Bank, John Lewis, Yorkshire Building Society, Oriental Bank, LEGO and the UK Government to manage tens of millions of customer engagements annually. It is partners with companies including Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft. Deloitte and The Financial Times recently recognized BookingBug for its rapid growth and scale, naming it one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

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