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Company Website: http://www.breakoutfinance.com

Formally launched in early 2015, Breakout Capital is a technology-enabled direct lender that provides simple, straightforward working capital solutions to small businesses. Breakout Capital is one of the fastest growing alternative lenders in the market, already providing tens of millions of dollars of working capital to hundreds of small businesses across the country.In addition to becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the market, Breakout Capital is a leading advocate for small business. Breakout Capital has produced a highly regarded “educational series” through its blog, Breakout Bites, that helps small businesses better understand the alternative lending market and how to avoid the hidden fees and debt traps that are too prevalent with many of its competitors in the market. Our CEO is an active thought leader on Capitol Hill and public speaker, advocating for improved transparency and the adoption of “best practices” by alternative capital providers throughout the market. Breakout Capital has taken a public stance in support of Federal regulation to eradicate bad practices and create a single regulatory framework to institute industry-wide transparency and clear product and cost disclosure.Breakout Capital is a steering member of the Coalition for Responsible Business Finance (CRBF), a group of lenders, small business organizations, and small business advocacy groups that aims to bolster the trust and credibility of the industry through responsible business practices while ensuring that alternative products and services meet the needs of America’s small business community.Visit breakoutfinance.com or responsiblefinance.com to learn more.

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