About CareDox

Company Website: http://www.caredox.com

Caredox is the leading digital health platform for the largest and most consistent health delivery system in the country, K-12 public schools. Our mission is to work with partners to provide a unified health record for every family. CareDox leverages pediatric health data and this country’s most successful public health organization, the K-12 school system, to improve outcomes and learn about clinical health data outside of the provider’s office. We accomplish this by doing the following:- Offering a digital platform for parents to fill out and store health information, including vaccinations, medications, allergies, and more- Connecting school nurses to state immunization registries to ensure student compliance with state immunization requirements- Enabling educators to easily access the reports they need for field trips, athletics, annual reports, etc. - Providing an EMR to securely manage medications, health office visits, screenings, and chronic conditions- Providing principals and educators data-driven analytics about the overall health of their schools to help them make decisions to increase student safetyTraditional care coordination stops short of sending essential care instructions to School Nurses and thus increases the risk of stopped or inconsistent post-discharge care delivery. By closing the link in the pediatric care continuum, children stay healthy and get better faster.

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