About Caremerge

Company Website: http://www.caremerge.com

Caremerge provides the world’s first, complete set of web and mobile communication & care coordination solutions for senior living communities. Allowing staff to connect with one another and with offsite stakeholders (family members, therapists, doctors, hospitals etc.) to facilitate timely care for senior residents. They offer seven apps for senior living communities including Assessments, Residents-on-the-go, Communication Log, Notes, Clinical, Family QA and Activities . "Today long term care is challenged with increasing regulations, high staff turnover, delayed medicare payments and lowering profit margins", Asif Khan (CEO of Caremerge) said. "Most people believe that Long Term Care is slow to adopting technology. We, at caremerge, beg to differ. We believe that technology has not adopted to Long Term Care challenges and workflows. That's why mobile and web apps developed by Caremerge not only help improve care coordination and communication within long term care communities, but also allow such communities to effectively engage families and help reduce hospital readmissions".

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