About Care+Wear

Company Website: http://www.careandwear.com

We founded Care+Wear in 2014 after our friend began undergoing chemotherapy through a PICC line and was told to wear a tube sock to protect and cover his PICC site. This ugly, bulky sock made his experience even more uncomfortable and constantly reminded him and others of his illness. Realizing existing patient solutions have been only focused on function and not on how they look or make patients feel, we set out to change the status quo. We use a comprehensive design thinking approach, working in conjunction with patients, clinicians and designers to create products that provide the highest quality, function and experience. Our current offerings include PICC Line Covers, Chest Access Clothing and Patient Gowns. By incorporating fashion and innovation into healthwear solutions, we strive to improve patient comfort and satisfaction, while streamlining the treatment process for clinicians. Stay tuned as we continue to redefine the patient experience with additional solutions and more.

Current Openings

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