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Sales Development Representative

Greater New York City Area Full Time

At Centrical, we believe for any company to prosper, it needs to make employees the center of business success. With that recognition comes the need to improve employee performance. And for that to happen three core elements need to be used holistically. Advanced gamification. Personalized microlearning. And real-time employee performance management. We’ve learned those elements in combination work far better than a stand-alone solution that addresses just one dimension of performance. Each component influences the other to create an ongoing process of performance improvement and a culture of continuous learning. It means with Centrical you’ll see better motivation, better learning, better feedback. Because they simply work Better Together. Better Together is also how Centrical works with customers. We help you understand what motivates your people and then help design a program, based on proven methodologies and best practices, to sustain engagement over time, advise on how to create learning content that gets better adoption and retention by making it fun, bite-sized, and personalized for what matters most. When employees are engaged and motivated to be a part of a culture of continuous learning and excellence…that’s Better Together. Or when employees are prompted to absorb personalized microlearning that’s based on how they are doing to reach objectives they’re measured on…that’s Better Together. And when employees have access to the same metrics as their managers, 1:1’s become coaching sessions that draw on real-time data to take immediate steps to improve performance…that, too, is Better Together. Companies that work with Centrical to make employees the center of their business success will have a workforce that embraces challenges, understands their goals, and how to achieve them as well as feel more connected to their organization. When that happens, it's Better Together for everyone.

Job Description

Want a chance to work in a dynamic startup that offers next-generation human capital management solutions to the world’s largest and most advanced organizations? Join GamEffective! They’re a fun and rewarding place to work, and if you like gamification you’ve certainly come to the right place…


  • Become an expert in engaging and converting prospects over the phone
  • Quickly research and strategize an approach to create interest and engage
  • Be able to identify and leverage compelling new business entry ways for targeted outreach
  • Manage a variety of sales automation and online prospecting tools
  • Work closely with Account Executives to move prospects through pipeline and closing
  • Achieve or exceed quarterly quotas of qualified opportunities generated


  • Minimum 2-3 years of inside sales experience (selling over the phone, cold calling)
  • B2B sales experience
  • English – Mother tongue.
  • Proven over achievement record with an aggressive hunter mentality
  • Excellent phone & email communication skills
  • Methodological and organized
  • Willingness to work in non-standard hours to support multiple time zones
  • expertise- a plus