About Cephasonics

Company Website: http://www.cephasonics.com

Cephasonics is a Silicon Valley technology-innovation leader with deep and wide expertise in ultrasound combined with mixed-signal semiconductors and system-level design. Our embedded-ultrasound technology increases the performance, lowers the power and accelerates time-to-market of ultrasound-based products for medical, industrial, and imaging applications. Complete Ultrasound Engine Interfaces to Probes with Up to 192 Elements You’ll find it simple to create new ultrasound-based end products with the cQuest Ultrasound API (Application-Programming Interface) software and easy-to-embed subsystems, including our scalable, highly configurable cQuest series of complete ultrasound beamforming front-end systems. Our customers' application-specific solutions built around our products are spurring a revolution in ultrasound, from image-guided procedures to ultrasound as an appliance.

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