About Chili Piper

Company Website: http://www.chilipiper.com

Our mission is to build smart beautiful apps to make sales leaders life easier. We’re Stanford MBAs, Bloomberg alumni and Deutsche Bank architects who want to help you enjoy data driven management.Our first app, Calendar Round Robin, is a very elegant solution for the problem of handoff between Sales Development and Sales or Sales and Customer Success. Meetings with prospects can be booked in a general calendar and then smartly assigned to resources on a round robin basis, taking into account calendar availability.We're in private beta for another app, helping Sales leaders get the best performance out of their team.Chili Piper is built on AutoMagic Sync (previously known as Floating Apps AutoMagic Sync), the AI powered integration between Salesforce and Google Apps. This is the most advanced, comprehensive activity data capture for Sales.Leading tech companies such as Fivestars, SailThru and hundreds more already rely on Chili Piper to boost their Sales performance.

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