About CipherHealth

Company Website: http://cipherhealth.com

Founded in 2009, and based in New York City, we are a team of passionate innovators; a healthcare solutions company committed to increasing efficiency and value in the healthcare system. Our products are designed not only with your goals in mind, but also to work together – sharing data, feedback, and processes – to produce comprehensive solutions and to maximize ROI. We believe in being able to quickly implement our products, responding fast to any questions or issues, and giving you a top notch team to put you in good hands. Our products range from post-discharge follow-up programs and nurse rounding applications to patient monitoring solutions and care management tools.CipherHealth brings care providers and patients together, but that’s not all. Over the years we've brought together technologist, clinicians, engineers, consultants, students, coders, researchers, communicators, politicos, and many more. We’re as passionate about our team as they are about healthcare, and it shows as we have recently been named the #1 overall Best Place to Work in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare.

Current Openings

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