About ClickFuel

Company Website: http://www.clickfuel.com

ClickFuel provides SaaS-based marketing analytics and performance management solutions that are tailored for the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Our solutions offer reliable, on-demand campaign reporting that deliver real-time results and provide the data intelligence necessary to make smart business decisions. The Fuel Station, our proprietary marketing analytics dashboard, tracks and monitors multiple marketing campaigns and advertising vehicles on one platform. The dashboard interjects multiple data points for a seamless, efficient reporting option that is far more robust than anything available in the market today. Designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, the Fuel Station empowers marketers and non-marketers alike to rely more on data and less on anecdotes when making critical decisions about how best to grow their business. ClickFuel provides a white label version of the Fuel Station to media and marketing service providers and enterprise level businesses servicing the SMB segment. Our customers look to our SaaS-based marketing analytics dashboard to cover the reporting gap that currently exists in today’s fragmented world of media and marketing services for SMBs and within their own organizations. Modularly designed and quick to implement, the Fuel Station is quickly becoming the marketing analytics and performance management choice among media and marketing service providers looking to maintain and grow their existing SMB client base.

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