About ClimaCell

Company Website: https://www.climacell.co

ClimaCell is the first microweather technology company, finding and forecasting weather that others can't see. While traditional weather companies forecast at the city level, ClimaCell forecasts at the street level. The only company leveraging hypersensing technologies that use high-performance computing, we can provide fresh data every minute in the past, present, and future, and require no hardware installations. We provide HD weather map software - the HyperCast dashboards - and the Microweather API as the default microweather platform across many verticals, providing life-saving information and forecasts to communities across the globe. Visit www.climacell.co or follow @WeatherRevealed. Our team is bursting with some of the brightest minds in meteorology, technology R&D, and software development. We are hiring! For more details please visit https://www.climacell.co/careers

Current Openings

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