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CloudLex® is the innovator of the Legal Cloud®, a revolutionary cloud-based legal platform designed exclusively for plaintiff personal injury law firms. CloudLex® enables attorneys to build, manage, and grow their legal practice through its comprehensive suite of visionary applications. Already an overwhelming success in New York’s tri-state area, CloudLex® is now available in all jurisdictions in the United States.A Few of Our Many Great ApplicationsMatter ManagerThe hub of CloudLex®, Matter Manager promotes collaboration through case-specific communication and organization tools. Its analytics features allow higher-ups to properly measure performance, so they can better manage firm resources.Referral EngineReferral Engine allows you to grow your national footprint through a collaborative network of plaintiff attorneys. Refer out matters, take on matters, and track your matters securely without ever leaving the app.Digital ArchiverEliminate the need for physical storage and house all information related to your closed cases (even digital correspondence) in the cloud. Archived cases are kept secure and can be accessed (or added to) at any time.Microsoft Office Online®Make changes to your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, without leaving the Legal Cloud®. All updates are reflected immediately, across all platforms and devices, leading to increased collaboration.Office ConnectorKeep your practice in line, even when you’re offline. Create, edit, and index your urgent CloudLex® documents in Microsoft Word while offline, save and tag them later.App IntegratorDon’t Let Multiple Uploads Get You Out of Sync, Seamlessly Integrate Your Favorite Legal Apps with CloudLex®. Work smarter, not harder. Connect the apps you use every day, be it Google Drive or Dropbox, with your CloudLex® account.See our applications here: https://www.cloudlex.com/applicationsPrivacy Statement: https://www.cloudlex.com/privacy

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