About Compology

Company Website: http://www.compology.com

Compology is creating the modern waste ecosystem through our software platform that streamlines operations, enhances customers’ service, and simplifies analysis. By installing cameras that automatically track fullness, location, motion, and content we can design waste collection routes that are 40% more efficient. Our clients, which include the biggest publicly traded waste haulers, Fortune 100 companies, and state/county/city governments, use our technology and data to create efficiencies, eliminate waste, and exceed their Zero Waste goals. At Compology we’re working on exciting, real-world problems – using software to manage distributed sensors, routing garbage trucks around congested cities, and using images of garbage to place a value on the material in dumpsters. As the government begins to support and fund the use of technology in the waste space, this is a crucial and exciting time to get your foot in the door with a company that is reshaping an industry! We're hiring! Check out our open roles: https://compology.com/careers/

Current Openings

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