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Sales Account Manager

Full Time

Internet Advertising has become the most accountable way to advertise as it allows marketers to track and gain in-depth performance knowledge of their campaigns. This data allows advertisers to see how much revenue they generate for every advertising dollar spent. Used correctly, it can be the most profitable method of advertising. Instead of setting an advertising budget and hoping for the best with traditional advertising as well as online display buys through networks or platforms, ConsumerTrack designs placements and ad campaigns around hitting a cost per acquisition goal set by the advertiser, taking much of the risk away from the advertiser normally realized with traditional online and offline media buying. ConsumerTrack specializes in creating, managing, optimizing and monetizing marketing campaigns for a variety of companies ranging from finance groups to Fortune 500 banks and blue chip companies, as well as national and international hotel chains and insurance companies. ConsumerTrack acquires customers over the Internet for our clients through three main channels: Content Marketing Performance Based Marketing Customer Acquisition