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Account Executive

Greater New York City Area Full Time

ConveyIQ changes the way enterprise companies engage with talent, using automation to transform and elevate candidate experience. Our candidate engagement platform connects seamlessly with your ATS to deliver an intelligently automated and highly individualized candidate experience, letting employer brand values and personality shine through. The technology powers and customizes every aspect of the hiring journey, from screening to two-way email and text messaging to digital interviewing and scheduling. ConveyIQ also allows companies to survey candidates throughout the entire journey and provides the analytics recruiting teams need to make the candidate journey better, every step of the way. The results? Higher quality hires, an optimized hiring funnel, and more productive and empowered recruiters who can direct their focus on talent acquisition strategy and adapting to the future demands of their company’s workforce. Leading brands in over 95 countries work with ConveyIQ to hire the best talent. To learn more, visit us at or email

Job Description

What the Sales Team is:

We're the group in charge of bringing new revenue to the company. Yes, we may make it rain, but we do it in a classy, sitting back kind of way - not like that guy who peals out in a Ferrari (then crashes it) way. We do not focus on current clients (that's our Customer Success team), rather, we speak with prospective clients to learn which ones may find value in partnering with us and leveraging our technology.

We need to be able to translate software functionality into real-world business outcomes – and solving for their pain points (that's what people are interested in buying, after all), and our biggest focus is on being effective storytellers so that prospects understand the success of current clients.

What we are looking for:

Someone that aspires to grow within ConveyIQ, and more broadly, knows where they want their career to head. This position is a mid-level, hands on sales role that is responsible for full sales cycles - taking leads generated by our Business Development and Marketing teams from 1st conversation through contract execution - with Sr. Sales Leaders working alongside you and guiding you.


• Telling and shaping the new company story, helping us launch our new platform and company mission

• Identifying interview challenges faced by Fortune 5000 companies

• Demonstrating how our technology helps organizations improve their specific interview process, we are not a one size fits all solution

• Acting and thinking like a market expert (not a product pusher)

• Creatively thinking about how we improve our own sales process including new ways to articulate tangible value to clients


You like talking to people, and more importantly, listening to them. You are curious and always want to know 'why'.

You have significant sales experience with continually strong performance against quota. You're genuine, have integrity, are competitive and enjoy being around bright people. You’re not always the center of attention, but can be.

We Need:

• 4-7 years professional experience in Enterprise Sales

• You are data driven and know your pipeline and conversion metrics

• Someone who knows that staying true to a sales process is crucial and being able to set expectations with clients on necessary timelines is even more critical

• Confidence with a healthy dose of humility: Challenge my ideas, but make me like you when your doing it

• You want to impact a quickly expanding market and an even faster growing company

• You're not afraid to make mistakes, but you better not make them twice

• Someone who can 'figure things out' and likes thinking through their questions to arrive at an answer instead of being told information

• Curiosity, the 'George' kind, not the 'kill that cat' kind

• Detail oriented individuals: If you are good at sales, you believe in the value

If you have it, please highlight:

  • Recruiting Experience

  • Inside sales experience

  • SaaS Background