About Covestor

Company Website: http://www.covestor.com

Covestor brings the choice, transparency, and access of a curated online marketplace to the world of investment management. Join us.

Covestor is an investment management marketplace which gives you access to a curated selection of professional and emerging money managers.

We assist you in selecting a portfolio manager who’s right for you (or diversify with multiple Portfolio Managers if you’d like.) Covestor's proprietary trade replication technology enables trades to be mirrored in your account on a timely basis. When your Portfolio Manager changes their holdings, changes are automatically made in your account.

Your Covestor account provides full transparency, including a view of all individual portfolio holdings, trading activity, and fees in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your easy-to-understand Dashboard. All securities are held in your name, in your own brokerage account. You can be sure your interests are aligned, as your portfolio manager is investing their own money as well.

When your investment goals or needs change, you can switch Covestor Portfolio Managers with the click of a button. No "break up" conversations or lengthy paperwork necessary. You're in charge, and we're here to help.

Choice, transparency, access.

Current Openings

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