About CrowdEngineering

Company Website: http://www.crowdengineering.com

CrowdEngineering builds Social CRM solutions empowering companies to turn the force of their crowds (customers, employees & partners) into business advantage. Built upon our patented “smart” system, our software is powered by CrowdForce: a platform to listen, engage, enlist & learn from crowds; and which delivers a robust capability for purposeful crowdsourcing — to augment, enhance & reduce the cost of conventional customer service operations (e.g. call centers or outsourcing). Our flagship product Crowd4Care helps diverts requests that would go to high-cost call centers to an engaged Peer-to-Peer expert workforce of customers & employees anywhere in the world – who can provide quality customer service and peer-furnished support at lower costs: leveraging social channels, online communities, and new possibilities for self service. Recognized as a “vendor to watch” by top industry analysts, CrowdEngineering is a venture backed, private company with operations in the U.S. and Europe. Visit www.crowdengineering.com

Current Openings

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