About CueThink

Company Website: http://www.cuethink.com

CueThink is building a peer-to-peer mobile learning platform for middle and high school students to improve their Math problem-solving skills. The company is based in Boston and incubated by Paypal. Research shows that students spend a lot of time on procedural skills and not enough time on developing higher order math problem-solving skills. CueThink leverages what students already know and do well – social media, content publishing and gaming – and brings those experiences to their math classrooms. With CueThink's product, students can develop systematic problem-solving skills, share and learn from peers "just like me" and build a rich portfolio of strategies. Teachers can obtain useful analytics on student growth and meet Common Core requirements for deeper learning. The prototype development was funded by National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation Research (NSF-SBIR) grant and piloted in several different classrooms to great success. CueThink is leveraging the 1:1 market where every student having his or her own iPad/tablet in the classroom. This market is doubling each year, providing an addressable market of $1.1B by 2017.

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