About CybelAngel

Company Website: https://www.cybelangel.com

CybelAngel is a cybersecurity startup detecting data-leaks where others don’t. We find data that has been stolen, but we also find data that has been leaked by accident - generally by third-party partners and suppliers. Our solution scans the visible, deep and dark webs, but it is also the only one scanning the major source of negligent leaks: Connected Storage. Our approach to data-leak detection combines Artificial Intelligence and human expertise. Smart algorithms ensure rapid and precise detection, while machine learning focuses alerts based on what is most important to you. And yet it’s not machines that put together your alerts - it’s people. Our cyber analysts compile a report for every incident, with all the information you need for a swift remediation.

Perks and Benefits
- Dental, Healthcare (self), Life Insurance, Vision,
- Bike Friendly, Company Trip, Casual Dress Code,

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