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DaisyBill Mission If you are injured at work, most industrialized countries establish workers’ compensation systems that require your employer to provide for all of your care and treatment while you recover. In the United States, each state sets up its own workers’ compensation rules for employers to assume financial responsibility for your care. The world would be a better place if injured employees could access the best medical treatment and services. Unfortunately, the complexities of workers’ comp often frustrate and discourage medical providers; as a result, many providers refuse to treat employees injured while at work. DaisyBill is built for these providers and eliminates many of the frustrating complexities that burden the process of getting paid by employers for the services and treatment needed by injured employees. Our clients are our number one priority; they stay with us because we constantly keep our clients top of mind as we develop technology to make their workers’ comp billing world so much easier and better. We adore our clients and our clients adore us -- they make DaisyBill the best at what we do. The DaisyBill Team devotes all of our collective expertise, talent, and resources to the pursuit of our mission of improving injured employees’ access to the very best medical care.

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