About DataMarket

Company Website: http://datamarket.com

DataMarket helps professionals find and understand data. DataMarket brings complex and diverse data together in one place and one format so it can be searched, compared, visualized and shared – across teams, organizations or with the world. DataMarket gives enterprises a comprehensive view of their business environment. With syndicated, proprietary and public data at users’ fingertips, plans and decisions are based upon the best information available. Information companies use our technology to deliver data more efficiently and make it more engaging and valuable to their customers. DataMarket is licensed to enterprises and data publishers as a white-label SaaS solution and includes seamless access to our ever-expanding collection of facts and figures from leading global data providers. Creating an individual account on datamarket.com is free, so anyone can search and visualize public domain data, upload their own, purchase premium content, and share their findings.

Current Openings

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