About DeansList

Company Website: http://www.deanslist.co.uk

Deanslist is a social recruiting network for Tech Employers to connect with Students & Graduates doing Tech-related degrees. Deanslist connects Students & Graduates with Employers through the following functionality: Students & recent Grads can find & "Follow" Tech companies for their latest updates (career opportunities, industry insight) and they can search for and apply for jobs (Interns, Placements & Graduate careers). Tech Employers can search by University, degree, Grade (predicted) and keywords. They can then approach these Students & Grads directly with opportunities, or request to add them to their private Talent Network (a top tier of Followers who can then receive targeted messages). Students on the same course at the same university are auto-added, meaning they receive each other's updates, share job and career information, and can contact each other. Universities also have a home page, when students sign up they are auto-added to their University's home page, letting University's send messages to their students and recent Grads through Deanslist - job and career information, or any other information which is deemed suitable.

Current Openings

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