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Sales Executive

Full Time

The Defibshop is one of Australia's leading retailers of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). The Defibshop provides professional commitment, expertise and customer service to all of our customers, who range from volunteer community groups, sporting clubs and organisations, ambulance services and other allied health providers, public and private schools, councils, state and federal government departments and many major Australian corporates. Our customers are located throughout every state and territory in Australia! With well over twenty years of providing patient care to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) victims, Carpet Hughes heads up our Defibshop team with a passion for saving the lives of those who suffer a SCA. Carpet is an Intensive Care Paramedic by profession and has had the great pleasure of meeting with many survivors of SCA after he has been responded to treat them at the time of their SCA. "It is a great feeling to chat with someone you have saved!"‚Äč says Carpet. The passion for saving lives is embedded into our Defibshop team. From our management and office staff, our sales and product knowledge staff through to our paramedic educational staff out in the field, we all have one great save as many victims of SCA as possible. Our goal is to make AEDs available for early access to those who are victims... and to help make sure early defibrillation is administered, with hopefully no deficits in recovery, leading to a fulfilling and active life for many years after the event!! So we'd like to have the privilege afforded to us to work with you. Call our office on 1300 729 575, or call our National Business Development Manager Jamie Boydon on 0416 455 214 to discuss how we can best assist you. You may also like to contact Jamie through his LinkedIn profile too. Together, we can increase the survival outcomes of many Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims!!