About Ditto Labs

Company Website: http://dittolabs.io

Ditto Labs was first-to-market with a dashboard tool to help top brand marketers derive insights, prospect audiences, and measure campaigns from what appears in social media photos. Ditto’s patented machine learning and computer vision capability is integrate with a majority of enterprise social listening platforms. Now brands can holistically analyze campaign performance and consumer sentiment by incorporating text with visual signals of affinity. Ditto's "vision-as-a-service” products also help travel and hospitality sites improve click through rates by surfacing the most persuasive user-generated photos. Ditto's APIs also enable housing and car sites to better organize, screen and rate user photos to improve site performance. Independently verified, Ditto’s computer vision has higher accuracy and a broader catalog of relevant classifiers than competitors. Ditto is the only company enabling clients to train bespoke classifiers to recognize what is most important to their business needs.

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