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On 1994, Alexandre Corrot, art director and business manager, creates the mark(brand) of jewelry Djula and spreads(broadcasts) its collections within its 6 Parisian points of sale (269 street Saint-Honoré 7501, 83 kicks Holy Fathers 75006, 55 kicks of Passy 75016, 33 street Tronchet 75008, 30 kicks the Business(Trade) 75015, 13 kicks of Passy 75016). In 2004, the success is there. Alexandre Corrot enters the world closed by the jewelry(jeweler's store). His(her,its) collections make air, sophisticated and in affordable prices. In parallel he(it) begins to spread(broadcast) his(its) collections in province, in Europe and on the international stage. The novelties succeed in "​ gaunt best "​ a striking rhythm. Every year, not less of 200 model jewelers made in the Parisian workshop(studio), the rings and bracelets, necklaces and earrings, complete a catalog rich in inspired creations. On 2013, Djula throws(launches) its first line of jewels for men(people). One renew giving birth(rise) to raw(gross) lines and of new materials(subjects), making money black and diamonds the smart and male main things of rooms(parts,plays) of exception. In February, 2013, the mark(brand) Djula is spread(broadcasted) in 80 points of sale worldwide of which the opening of a corner kick Djula at Bloomingdale in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Turnover(Sales): upper to 5 million euros a year.

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