About Dune Science

Company Website: http://www.defunkify.com

Dune Sciences, Inc., a technology company, specializes in products and services that facilitate the development and commercialization of nano-enabled products. It offers LinkedON technology, which enables the self-assembly and chemical linkage of molecular-scale building blocks into high value intermediate products; hydrophilic grids; NanoGrids, an aid in sample preparation for slurries, solutions, suspensions, dry powder, coatings, and thin films of nanomaterials; BioGrids, which simplifies and standardizes sample preparation for biological electron microscopy; functionalized grids; amine, hydroxyl, epoxides, carboxylate, thiol, and alkene; LinkedON grid kits, which revolutionizes sample preparation for EM by promoting crosslinking of biological molecules and nanomaterials; and amine kits, carboxylate kits, sulfhydryl kits, protein A grids, gold kits, handling kits, accessories, grid boxes, tweezers, and tack strips. The company serves medicine, bionanotechnology, energy technologies, and nanoscience markets. Dune Sciences, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in Eugene, Oregon.

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