About Duolingo

Company Website: http://duolingo.com

Duolingo is a free online language learning service with more than 30 million students around the world, which makes us the biggest mobile language learning application in the world. We are currently offering courses in 18 languages (and expanding to more than 30 in 2014). Duolingo is available on the Web, Android, and iOS, winning Apple's iPhone App of the Year 2013 and Android's Best of the Best.

With a game-like interface, Duolingo allows its users to make use of their idle time by learning languages while having fun, completely free of charge. The platform has attracted over 30 million beginner, intermediate and advanced language learners in less than 2 years through word of mouth exclusively (no big marketing investment).

The platform is also very entertaining. Duolingo users gain skills by passing levels, earning points, and even buying virtual items. The game has attracted language enthusiasts and mobile gamers of all ages.

Instead of charging users, Duolingo finances its high-quality education platform using a crowdsourcing model. Users have the option of translating texts as a method to strengthen the skills they learn on Duolingo - for example, after learning food vocabulary, they have the option of translating a menu. Duolingo sells these translations to international media companies. Everybody benefits: students receive free language education and real-world practice, while websites get collaborative high-quality translations. Duolingo's first translations clients include CNN and BuzzFeed.

Current Openings

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