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Full Time

EasyMovie is a SaaS & Mobile platform that allows companies to leverage their employees to create professional quality videos at scale. Founded in 2013, more than 350 large corporations and tech companies use our solution every month. Companies realized a few years ago the need to scale their video production in order to match digital expectations regarding, for example, employer branding, change management, or content marketing. For years, companies had to rely on agencies or in-house studios for their video content creation, which made it impossible to think about scaling. Nowadays, autonomy has progressively emerged as a credible way to produce large quantities of videos. Nevertheless, autonomy tends to be restricted to a few people within companies, mostly in communications departments. Thanks to EasyMovie, companies can decentralize their video production and rely on all their employees to scale their production. Our technology makes it possible for anyone to make a great video in 15 minutes while assuring technical, editorial and graphical consistency. Moreover, EasyMovie provides features and services such as approval workflows, automated publishing, image rights waivers, premium music, subtitles, and customer success managers, allowing users to manage a large number of production challenges.