About ELM Learning

Company Website: http://www.elearningmind.com

ELM is a learning focused creative design agency that builds multimedia and digital learning experiences for the largest brands. ELM works with companies like Google, Estee Lauder, UBS and other Fortune 500 companies to create customized digital learning solutions that engage the learner through science-backed design principles called neurolearning.

By using elements like animation, video, illustration, visual storytelling, user experience design, microlearning, and more, ELM aims to make corporate learning as enjoyable as watching a movie at a theater, and effective in changing behaviors to help businesses achieve the results they need.

Everyone on the ELM team shares a commitment and passion for learning, technology, and most importantly, people. ELM hires true artists and trains them in the latest eLearning development tools and user-experience design, and then lets them perform magic for our clients.

Whether it’s corporate gamification, microlearning, blending learning content mapping, multimedia and audiovisual, social and mobile learning, or much more – ELM is disrupting the digital learning industry with a unique approach to learning design that employs a deep understanding of how the brain learns most effectively which ELM calls "neurolearning"​.

"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."​ - Jack Welch

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Current Openings

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