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Company Website: http://www.emissarymed.com

Medical tourism you can trust. What we do: People come to www.emissarymed.com every day because they can't afford their out of pocket cost for medical or dental treatment they need. We’re building the first global medical tourism marketplace that focuses on trust & quality. For every prospective hospital we work with, we ask ourselves: would we send our own parents here? Our clients can see their options all over the world, with transparent pricing, ratings, testimonials, HD photographs, and a dedicated account executive from our U.S. team to answer questions and guide them through the process. Once clients give us a downpayment, their Emissary account exec is available any time via phone or email. On their trip, our mobile app keeps them connected to us, our partners, and their loved ones 24/7, and our English-fluent partners at the destination hospital make sure everything goes smoothly while they’re there. Why we do it: In 2013, my friend's mom needed serious arthritis surgery. Even though her family had insurance, she still couldn't afford it in the US. Her family in India helped her find a doctor she could trust near them, and despite the travel and hotel (her whole family went with her!) she still saved $20,000. There were no options online she could trust to help her do her research, so if it weren't for a family connection, who knows what she would've done. Medical and dental care are broken in the U.S. We're aiming to offer an alternative using web & mobile tech, plus data transparency, to help people alternatives they can trust, during such a difficult time of their lives.

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