About Exubrancy

Company Website: http://www.exubrancy.com

Exubrancy’s office meditation sessions, on-site massages, and office yoga and fitness classes foster engagement, connectivity, and wellbeing within your company. We specialize in designing and managing custom-tailored wellness programs for offices all over NYC (and now in SF, Miami, and LA as well!). We partner with HR directors, managers of People & Culture, and other internal company stakeholders committed to boosting employee health and happiness at top organizations (e.g. Twitter, FreshDirect, Deloitte).

If you hail from a forward-thinking organization looking to provide high quality wellness amenities for your team, we’d love to help you realize your goals. Contact us at 912-441-9144 or hi@exubrancy.com.

Current Openings

Exubrancy has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.