About Fanium

Company Website: https://www.fanium.com

Fanium is a sports technology company that develops fantasy sports applications for mobile devices. It was founded by Grant Gurtin when he was a junior at Brown University. Since the company was founded in 2011, Fanium has developed a suite of apps that has evolved the way that people consume their sports and fantasy content. By aggregating expert Twitter accounts and creating a unique keyword search technology, Fanium has sought to use social media advances as a key component of its products, and maintains a forward-thinking philosophy when it comes to attacking the mobile space. In 2012, Fanium began development on the first fully mobile football application. In the summer of 2013, Fanium released the first ever mobile Canadian Football League fantasy game, Fantasy Canadian Football, for iPhone. CFL fans and active players alike have embraced the game, resulting in attention from major media sources such as Yahoo! Sports and over 85 percent user retention from week-to-week. On August 6, 2013, Fanium will release Fanium Fantasy Football to Android and iOS devices. This game will be the first fully-mobile seasonal NFL fantasy experience.

Current Openings

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