About Finsight Group

Company Website: https://finsight.com

Finsight Group Inc is a New York City-based technology company that offers the institutional finance industry a highly accessible, cost-effective and frictionless environment to research, prospect, structure, market and monitor new issue and secondary market securities. Our platforms offer Better Tools for Better Execution:FINSIGHT.com - a free search engine for US ABS that offers investors, issuers and underwriters valuable insights into new issue activity.DEAL ROADSHOW - a next generation electronic roadshow platform. Used by the industry’s leading issuers and investment banks, Deal Roadshow provides real-time visibility into the syndication process and is more accessible, more secure, more user-friendly and more cost-effective than alternative platforms.17g5.com - a fully-equipped, secure, and cost effective SEC Rule 17g-5 compliant data room. Built by structured product industry veterans, it adheres to traditional workflows while providing state-of-the-art web technologies that streamline the creation, management, and auditing of your SEC Rule 17g-5 data room.

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