About FORMA Therapeutics

Company Website: http://www.formatherapeutics.com

FORMA Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company integrating transformative biology and chemistry to unlock targets and pathways that have been validated through genomic medicine as root causes or major drivers of human cancers. FORMAâ€s approach to accessing such high value drug targets, many of which pose significant challenges to conventional discovery approaches, is rooted in the concerted integration of its innovative drug discovery technologies and oncology expertise, enabling screening, discovery and rational development of a generation of small molecule drug candidates with cellular mechanisms of action. FORMA is building a pipeline of therapeutics directed at Achilles heels in human cancers, such as key targets associated with cancer stem cells, tumor cell metabolism, programmed cell death or epigenetic disease mechanisms. FORMA builds on the vision of its academic founders: Stuart Schreiber, Todd Golub and Michael Foley, each of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. FORMA leverages its innovative drug discovery platform to address challenging targets and develop a robust internal pipeline of breakthrough oncology drugs.

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