About FusionOps

Company Website: http://www.aeratechnology.com

FusionOps is the leading provider of the supply chain cloud solutions. The FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud TM applies advanced patented data science and supply chain expertise for executives to give them confidence in making better decisions about their supply chain. As the world becomes more competitive, companies have realized that optimizing their supply chain can be their competitive advantage. Fortune 500 companies are struggling how to get any intelligence out of the oceans of data that are being created every day. FusionOps translates unlimited sources of data, and applies it's patented supply chain models and advanced analytics (diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive) to help companies make their supply chain be a competitive advantage. The company has thousands of users across the world that rely on FusionOps as the trusted source for their supply chain intelligence.

Current Openings

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