About Gro Intelligence

Company Website: http://www.gro-intelligence.com

Gro Intelligence has developed the world’s most extensive agriculture data platform. Gain a competitive edge through access to Gro's unparalleled data, analytics, and forecasts from a single platform. Gro’s leading edge software automatically harvests disparate data, transforms it into knowledge, and uses machine learning to make predictions. Today, Gro offers: - The world’s most extensive collection of agriculture data - Analytical tools, predictive analytics, and proprietary models - Intuitive agriculture-centric visualizations and live dashboards We work on Gro’s products with the objective of enabling others to undertake better and deeper analysis in their fields of expertise. Increased incomes, climate change, and a growing population combined with unsustainable production and consumption patterns globally mean we need to figure out many smart solutions in a short period of time. We can’t address the issues facing agriculture on our own. People across the entire value chain must become more data-driven and innovative, which is why we have built the data infrastructure necessary to support and facilitate this innovation across the global food and agriculture industry. Gro Intelligence is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Nairobi, Kenya. Sara Menker serves as CEO.

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