About Gro Intelligence

Company Website: http://www.gro-intelligence.com

Gro Intelligence is changing the way the world understands agriculture. By structuring and interpreting the world’s agricultural data, we make complex analysis simple and accessible.Our cloud-based software, Clews, pulls every scattered bit of data related to food and agriculture and classifies it using a common language, transforming fragmented data into information. Its analytic capabilities and intuitive visualizations make it easy to discover, examine and understand relevant information. Previously teams of highly trained experts required weeks and specialized software to gather and comb through such data. Today, Clews makes this information searchable to anyone in minutes.Gro arms global policy makers, investors and corporates with the clarity and insight they need to make smarter decisions and uncover new opportunities. By making information easily accessible, Gro is transforming the way agricultural markets work.Gro Intelligence is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Nairobi, Kenya. Sara Menker serves as CEO.

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