About HealthKick

Company Website: http://www.health-kick.com

HealthKick (www.health-kick.com) is a corporate perks and rewards platform that provides employees with exclusive discounts and experiences for 100+ leading consumer health, fitness and wellness brands that support employees'​ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through a branded experience.HealthKick is companies'​ “trendspotter"​, giving employees access to a personal wellbeing hub of popular and innovative brands that keep them healthy and make healthy living accessible, as a lifestyle.Ranging from boutique fitness to healthy meal delivery, athletic apparel, wearables, telehealth and wellness coaching, as well as lifestyle services, HealthKick gives employees a comprehensive wellness platform.We are: • HR's trendspotter with our pulse on the latest in fitness and wellness to giving employees access to the brands they WANT. • A discovery platform to inspire and motivate employees to make healthy choices and access convenient solutions for healthy living despite busy, on-the-go lifestyles. • A resource for employees struggling with maintaining a healthy lifestyle to connect with top experts in nutrition, fitness, meditation and functional medicine to implement lifestyle change. • A driver of healthy corporate culture offering concierge services, including nutrition and stress management workshops by highly regarded wellness experts, sweatworking sessions at top boutique fitness studios and custom off-sites with a health and wellness focus.

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