About HealthKick

Company Website: http://www.health-kick.com

HealthKick is a corporate wellness membership that incentivizes and rewards employees'​ healthy behavior with exclusive discounts and experiences for 500+ leading consumer health, fitness and wellness brands. As companies'​ “trendspotter"​ and employees'​ digital wellbeing hub, HealthKick provides employees with access to the most popular and innovative brands that make healthy living fun, accessible, and convenient for busy lifestyles. Ranging from boutique fitness to healthy meal delivery, wearables, telehealth and wellness coaching, as well as lifestyle services, HealthKick supports all dimensions of employees'​ wellbeing- physical, mental and emotional. With personalized brand recommendations tailored to employees'​ individual interests and goals, HealthKick helps employees identify the options most relevant to their lifestyles and wellbeing goals, and provides the options and variety to cater to a diverse populations, while serving as a discovery platform to inspire and motivate employees healthy choices with a toolbox of trusted and vetted consumer brands. HealthKick is a driver of healthy corporate culture offering concierge services, including nutrition and stress management workshops by highly regarded wellness experts, sweatworking sessions at top boutique fitness studios and custom off-sites with a health and wellness focus.

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