About IdeaPaint

Company Website: http://www.ideapaint.com

The idea is simple, but the vision is big. IdeaPaint exists to enhance the way the world works, learns and creates. In 2008, we set out to reinvent and optimize the way people worked, becoming the creators of high-performance dry erase paint. Now, as the leaders in the dry erase paint and wall-coverings category, our line of premium environmentally conscious products make it easy for anyone to get work done and have fun all on the same surface, from the office to home and everywhere between. We are featured in some of the world's most innovative spaces and most successful companies with over 250,000 installations in 40+ countries. Companies, schools and individuals that use our products communicate and collaborate more effectively, are more creative and ultimately, get more done with less. For information on our new wall-coverings visit: https://www.ideapaint.com/collections/dry-erase-wallcoverings Looking to join a company of creators, doers and high performers? Here’s what it takes: 1. Stay on fire! We seek people who live in a state of constant refinement and growth. 2. Drive excellence through vision, clarity, action and results. 3. Take risks knowing that failure is growth and limitations are opportunities because we take pride in trying and testing ideas. 4. Build relationships by being honest and fair because we care about our interactions as much as our products’ performance. 5. Never miss the opportunity to make our customers'​ day. 6. Make time to teach a colleague, inspire a partner or learn something new. We are advocates of diversity and invite different strengths, views and backgrounds. 7. Embrace your creative always and often, without boundaries because we celebrate all forms of creativity. 8. Collaborate because all ideas are meant to be big. 9. Make it happen! We want to see you accomplish all that you aspire to be. Lucky you, our products can help.

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