About Jingle Networks

Company Website: http://jinglenetworks.com

Jingle Networks is the leading provider of advertising and technology solutions for voice and mobile business search. By tapping into the thriving business search market, Jingle Networks provides a powerful new media channel to connect businesses with consumers ready to transact. Jingle Networks offers solutions that cater to carriers, network operators, adverting agencies, brand marketers and small businesses. Thousands of national brand marketers and local businesses use Jingle Network solutions to leverage brief in-call audio or text advertisements to acquire new customers via phone or during mobile app or online searches. Network operators and telecom carriers have also discovered the power of Jingle Networks technology and advertising solutions. Many select Jingle Networks as their search provider of choice. Whether you want to build a brand, create awareness or maximize business search, Jingle Networks has a solution that will guarantee success. Jingle Networks invented the free directory assistance service called 1-800-FREE411. Consumers dial 1-800-FREE411 (1-800-373-3411) from any phone in the United States to use the toll-free service, which allows callers to obtain any residential, business, or government phone number for no charge. Sponsors cover the service cost by playing short advertising messages, about 12 seconds long, customized based on the number the customer is looking up. The company was founded by veteran advertising and technology executives.

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